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About Us

We welcome immigrants by providing free, high-quality, immigration legal services.

Florida JFON is a non-profit ministry of the United Methodist Church that provides free immigration legal aid to individuals and families throughout Florida, with service locations in Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay. We also provide education on immigration issues and advocacy for immigrant rights to interested community members. We are part of the National JFON network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What communities to you serve?

Nationally, Justice For Our Neighbors serves clients at 35 different sites in 11 states. Florida JFON predominantly serves immigrants and their families in three regions - Miami (particularly the area south of the city), Orlando, and Tampa Bay. Clients do not have to reside in those areas to seek services.

Is JFON faith-based?

Yes, Justice For Our Neighbors is an immigration ministry of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, but we invite people to volunteer with us or to seek out our services regardless of religious affiliation.

How does it work?

The Justice For Our Neighbors model partners with local churches to host immigration legal clinics, usually one evening a month. These clinics are staffed by volunteers who welcome clients and perform intake. Each client is able to meet with a JFON staff attorney for a confidential advice and counsel session. The attorney determines what steps must be taken in the client’s case and follow-up appointments are scheduled, if necessary.

How can I make an appointment?

If you would like to make an appointment with us see "Need Legal Help?" above. New client appointments are held at monthly clinics and are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

These legal services are completely free to qualifying low-income families and individuals. For a general list of the types of cases we take see: Services.